National Digital Library of India

Originally Published in Assamese Newspaper: Niyomiya Barta, Page 7, Dated Monday, 12th August 2019

National Digital Library of India is a large technological library service run by of Govt. of India. This noteworthy
‘Digital Library’ is an innovative initiative of National Mission on Education through Information and Communication
Technology (NMEICT), under the aegis of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, which
has brought a new benchmark in educational domain, especially in higher learning. Indian Institute of Technology,
Kharagpur is responsible for development of this Library. Rapid development and implementation of Information
and Technology in the last decade of previous century and beginning of the twenty first century has resulted
significant change and progress, especially in education and services. ‘Digital Library’ is one the products of new
concepts, influenced by Information and Technology. In contrast to traditional libraries which we can normally see,
‘Digital Library’ is such a system where most of the reading materials available in a regular library are hosted in
‘digital’ form in a computer server and can be read-downloaded from any distance by any computer or other such
digital devices. Since, it does not have any physical structure; it is normally ‘virtual’. Hence, it not possible to answer
where ‘National Digital Library’ is as it is possible to answer ‘National Library’ is located at Kolkata, when asked.
Though it is managed by Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, it can be used by any person through computer
or smartphone connected to internet from any part of the world. The advantage and beauty of digital libraries are
hidden in the fact that these can be accessed at any time of any day.
Launched on experimental basis in the month of May 2016, this Library has become an indispensable system of
education, especially higher education. By the month of June 2019, it has served to about 50 lakhs members with
more than 2.5 crores reading materials mainly in Hindi, English and other 70 languages. These materials are
available in different media usable for school to post graduate level. Users of Android Smartphones and iPhones can
use this library from ‘Google Play’ and ‘App Store’, accordingly, using ‘National Digital Library of India’ App. This
particular App has been downloaded 14 Lakhs time from ‘Google Play’. In addition to Institutional Membership,
individuals can also become member of this digital library through online. It is worthy to mention that to register in
National Digital Library no membership fee is required, as it is a totally free service of Govt. of India. Number of
members and reading materials are increasing day by day. To obtain all the details of this highly useful Library and to
use it, one can click this link < https://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in/>. Due to highly developed technology a specific book can be
found in seconds from this vast sea of books. The webpage of National Digital Library is presently available in English
along with 8 Indian Languages. The North East Regional Centre of this remarkable Library was inaugurated at Indian
Institute of Technology Guwahati in the month of April 2018. It is the first Regional Centre of the country and this
Centre is engaged in its expansion in North Eastern States. Expecting that ‘National Digital Library of India’ will be
expanded and further developed, as it is promised by Bharatiya Janata Party, the main political ruling party in the
Central Govt. , in its manifesto of last Lok Sabha election.


(Written on the occasion of Librarians’ Day celebrated in India on 12th August in memory of Padma Shri Dr. S. R.
Ranganathan, Father of Library Science in India.)

By Dr. Nirmal Ranjan Mazumdar, Librarian, Pub Kamrup College, Phone: 98542-91795

(contact address: Librarian, Pub Kamrup College, Baihata Chariali, Kamrup, Assam 781381,
email id: nrmazumdar@gmail.com)

Translated by: Ms. Phulasmita Nath, JPO, NDLI.