Log in to online library at book fair stall & devour contents

An online has come up at a in the 43rd International Book Fair, where readers of all ages and interests have been to download books of their choice for free.

The National Digital of India (NDLI), in its no 383, enables visitors to log in via computers or install its app on and read the free contents.

"Download any number of your favourite books for free, using QR codes," one of those manning the at the book fair said Tuesday.

The NDLI was sponsored by the Union Human Resources Development Ministry and developed by the IIT Kharagpur.

A visitor could access 1.5 crore contents hosted by the NDLI in over 300 languages in various formats - text, audio and video.

"If you go to any other stall, you might be buying one or two books according to your budget. The best part of our stall is that you can walk in without a paisa in your pocket and take home as many books as you want at the click of a button," Bibhas Samanta from Team NDLI said at the stall.

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