Institutional Digital Repository (IDR) Workshops

An IDR workshop is targeted for librarians and IT professionals in institutional libraries. It is conducted over two days for 50~60 professionals from 25~30 institutions. First half of the first day of the workshop is spent in presentations and discussions on digital libraries in general and NDLI in particular. In the remaining three halves, instructor-assisted computer-based hands-on is conducted for installing, configuring, and managing IDRs. The training is based on open-source software (Linux and DSpace). The training material and the required software are also provided in CDs . At the end of the training the participants are given certificates from NDLI.

An IDR workshop is hosted by an institution, called NDLI Workshop Partner , with adequate presentation and computing infrastructure. A Workshop Partner institution and its nodal officer or workshop organizer also receive certificates of contribution from NDLI.

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The list of IDR workshops conducted so far are given below:

Workshop Name Partner Presentation Video Gallery Photo Album Remarks

National (General) IDR Workshop

15th Jun - 17th Jun 2015

Institutions: 31

Participants: 50

IIT Kharagpur View