NDLI-UNESCO International Symposium on Knowledge Engineering for Digital Library Design 2019

IIT Delhi, India | 9 - 11 December 2019

The NDLI-UNESCO International Symposium on Knowledge Engineering for Digital Library Design 2019 was second in the series of knowledge-sharing events coordinated by National Digital Library of India. The primary objective of this series has been sharing of technical, policy, administration related knowledge pertaining to digital library design.

Called “Openness is the key to mutual growth and Sustenance”, the first symposium was held in October 2017 with a central theme of collaboration among digital libraries around the world. More than 30 speakers of international repute had deliberated on different aspects of digital library design.

This very thought matured to become the theme of the second version of the symposium: “Smart and Open Technologies for Digital Library”.


  • Linked Data
  • Digital Humanities
  • Digital Copyright
  • Digital Heritage
  • Open Access
  • Outreach and Outcome

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Participating Libraries, Projects

  • Europeana Foundation (EU, The Netherlands)
  • National Library of New Zealand (DigitaINZ)
  • National Library of Australia (TROVE)
  • Tainacan Project (Brazil)
  • German Digital Library
  • National Library of The Netherlands
  • National Library of South Africa
  • National Library of Nepal
  • British Library (UK)
  • Google Scholar
  • Microsoft Academic
  • Participants from Belgium, Canada, USA, Bangladesh

Video Gallery

Welcome To KEDL 2019 - Professor Partha Pratim Chakrabarti

KEDL 2019 Inauguration

KEDL Program Overview - Professor Kumar Plaban Bhowmick

National Digital Library of India - Professor Partha Pratim Das

Text Mining Techniques in Digital Libraries - Professor Prasenjit Mitra

Europeana Driving Digital Transformation - Harry Verwayen

Experience Session 1: Outreach Programs of Digital Libraries

Legal Aspects of NDLI & Intellectual Property Rights Challenges for the Networking of Libraries

The World Digital Library: Lessons Learned and (Most Likely) Not Learned -John Van Oudenaren

Flash Talks for Students’ Poster Competition

Challenges and Approaches of Library professionals in the Era of Digital Library

Strengthening SAARC through Digital Heritage - UNESCO Breakaway Session

DBpedia and the Custody of Linked Open Data - Sebastian Hellmann

Building a More Inclusive Global Heritage Web with Wikimedia - Ben Vershbow

Open & Contribution: Trends in Digital Libraries’ Engagement with Online Community - Liam Wyatt

Building the Dutch Digital Heritage Network - Enno Meijers

Enhancing Library Retrieval through Geodetic Search - Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay

Social Media Integration of Digital Libraries - Greg Cram

Repertoires for Archives: Reperforming Histories - Sarah Kenderdine

Digital Reconstruction of the Architectural Evolution of Indic Temples across South-East Asia

Digital Preservation - Santanu Chowdhury

How Content Analysis and Linked Data is Helping Redefine Digital Library Software Architecture

Scholarly Knowledge Graph - Prasenjit Mitra

Algorithmic Bias, Transparency and Fairness - Paul D Clough

Recognition and Retrieval of Documents in Indian Scripts - C V Jawahar

OER Commons: Accelerating the Adoption of Open, Adaptive and Collaborative Education - Lisa Petrides

Experience Session 2: Evaluation of Digital Libraries

Panel Discussion: Towards a Digital Library: by the Communities and for the Communities