UNESCO-NDL India International Conference on Knowledge Engineering for Digital Library Design

New Delhi | 25 - 27 October 2017

The Workshop was oganised to deliberate on the state-of- the-art technology, practices, and policies as internationally accepted and available in the domain of digital libraries and establish connections among digital library professionals. It is expected that the Workshop will lead to establishment of a forum of professionals of the international digital library communiry for regular and sustained interactions towards development of the profession.


  • Digital Library Technologies
  • Standards and Interoperability
  • Search and Information Retrieval
  • Designing for the User
  • Access & Rights
  • World Digital Libraries

Participating Libraries, Projects

  • Europeana Foundation (EU, The Netherlands)
  • National Library of New Zealand (DigitaINZ)
  • National Library of Australia (TROVE)
  • Tainacan Project (Brazil)
  • German Digital Library
  • National Library of The Netherlands
  • National Library of South Africa
  • National Library of Nepal
  • British Library (UK)
  • Google Scholar
  • Microsoft Academic
  • Participants from Belgium, Canada, USA, Bangladesh


Al Amin Yusuph (UNESCO)

Brendon McKinley (National Library of Australia)

C.V. Jawahar (IIT Hyderabad)

Douwe Drijfhout (National Library of South Africa)

Indrajit Banerjee (UNESCO)

James Robertson (Digital New Zealand)

Jill Cousins ( Europeana)

John Akeroyd (University College of London)

Muhammad Mezbah-ul-Islam (University of Dhaka)

Mihaela Vorvoreanu (Microsoft Research)

Nandagopal Chattopadhyay (NDLI)

Paul Clough (University of Sheffield)

Pavel Kats (Europeana)

Partha Pratim Das (NDLI)

Prabuddha Ganguly (VISION-IPR)

Ramesh C. Gaur (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

Richard Wallis (Schema.org)

Swapan Chakraborty (Presidency University)

Paul Nieuwenhuysen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Tom Derrick (British Library)

ARD Prasad (DRTC)

Anupam Basu (IIT KGP)

B Sutradhar (IIT KGP)

Dalton Martins (Federal University of Goiás)

Enno Meijers (National Library of the Netherlands)



Professor Partha Pratim Das (IIT KGP)

James Robertson (SuppleJack - Digital New Zealand)

Dalton Martins (Federal University of Goiás)

Brendon McKinley (National Digital Library of Australia)

Pavel Cats (Europeana)

Dr. Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay (University of Kalyani)

Richard Wallis (Data Liberate)

Enno Meijers (National Library of Netherlands)

Anurag Acharya (Google)

Mihaela Vorvoreanu (Microsoft Research)

Sudeshna Sarkar (IIT KGP)

Dr. Jill Cousins (Europeana)

Dr. Paul D Clough (University of Sheffield)

Anupam Basu (IIT KGP)

Professor C V Jawahar (IIIT Hyderabad)

Dr. Rory McGreal (Athabasca University)

Professor Rose Holley (University of New South Wales)

Knock-Knock: Will you open up? ( Jill Cousins, Swapan Chakraborty, Enno Meijers)

Professor Prabuddha Ganguly (IIT KGP)

Indrajit Bannerjee (UNESCO)


For the the event report please c'neck NDLI Today, january 2018 Issue.

Event Website http://www.iconf.ndl.iitkgp.ac.in/

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