Digitization is not just set to revolutionize libraries, but evolutionize the concept altogether. Not only can a digital library perform the search, browse, borrow, catalogue, reference actions similar to that of a traditional library to a much larger scale, a digital library can also offer extensional facilities such as anytime access, remote login, multi-media formats and presentations. To add to this, digital libraries today are also functioning in disruptive genres of data discovery, compute databases, artificial intelligence and deep learning.

“Digital Libraries have become the next generation paradigm for people to empower themselves with knowledge and contribute to the knowledge gathering of this world.” – Prof. P. P. Chakrabarti, Principal Investigator, NDLI.

NDLI is an MHRD initiative conceived and actualized by IIT Kharagpur as a National Mission on education. Standing today the project has over 4.5Cr content in 300+ languages that can be viewed in 60+ formats apart from e-books (audiobooks, simulations, e-thesis, question papers etc.) and has over 55L+ users. Registration to NDLI is free, at https://www.ndl.gov.in/- the platform is also available for free download on android and iOs.

“NDLI has been one of the most significant and most successful initiatives of the MHRD” – Shri R. Subhramanyam, Former Secretary, MHRD

But beyond content to democratize education for India, which has been the main aim of the project, NDLI also today houses a digital preservation centre, a cancer image-banking initiative, a national artificial intelligence (AI) research wing, a copyright vertical which functions as a key initiator for modernization and contextualization of Indian Copyright laws. The project has shaped up to be the most promising initiative on the future of libraries from India, and a strong voice to tell the story from India's standpoint, in her own voice, and by her own means.

More info: https://ndlproject.iitkgp.ac.in/

However, the true success of a library is found with its users. To this end, the NDLI conducts various outreach programmes, workshops and international symposiums and was present at Asia's biggest and the world's largest non-trade book fair, The International Kolkata Book Fair 2020 from 28Jan to 9Feb 2020 at stall no 291.

In just 10 days, the stall saw over 50,000 footfall and was heavily reported by print, TV as well as digital media. Stall no 291 was the only stall amongst 600 to not have a single physical book! However, users could download 4.2CR+ books, videos, lecture notes, simulations etc. from the walls using QR codes! Shaped like digital tablets, the stall was designed to give an unique physico-virtual experience to all attendees. Live registrations to the library were done at the venue along-with assisted demos on how to use the library.

NDLI at International Kolkata Book Fair 2020

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